Projekt - Salus Populi

Active Management

We base our approach on the active fund management all the added value that comes with it. Thanks to it, we are flexible with our decisions to take advantage of exceptional opportunities.

In 2014, we created a commodity fund for qualified investors, and in 2020, after expanding our portfolio, we made the Salus Populi cooperative.

All the projects we enter bring exceptional long-term value and are always managed by experts in the field.

Investment Cycle

This is how we grow wealth




How do we manage wealth

Cooperative projects

Derivative Drift

This derivative commodity fund has been accessible only to qualified investors and is characterized by trading futures contracts and options directly on the centralized stock exchange. Since 2014, it has achieved a cumulative appreciation of more than 190%.

BTC Active

Active management of cryptocurrencies. Trade entries exclusively at moments with a high probability of growth. This strategy achieved an appreciation of more than 30% during 2020.

FX World Wide

Systematic trading of foreign currencies. Based on modern technologies with a particular focus on large trade setups with high earnings potential and low frequency, under the supervision of an old-fashioned team, who has been at it for a good 12 years. This strategy achieved an appreciation of almost 20% in 2020.

Real estate

Coming soon: A new project that brings active management into the real estate business. It will allow our members to participate in attractive real estate deals in the short term horizon.

Stocks Active

Coming soon: Blue-chip stock trading and other small-cap companies, where we use intraday market fluctuation.


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