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About Us

We are a modern investment cooperative, a community that connects the boutique world of investments and our members. It allows members to increase their wealth like a large qualified investor even with a smaller account.

Michal Krondiak

My journey to the Salus Populi cooperative began in the financial markets, where I had the opportunity to work and learn from professional portfolio managers. For a long time, I was looking to bring the opportunities of qualified investors to the general public. It motivates me a lot to work with exceptional people who are good at what they do so that together we can bring a valuable long-term project to the world. It can sometimes be challenging to understand them, but its also challenging to evaluate a stock certificate. My gift is that I can bring together amazing people who probably wouldn't understand each other without my "translation" ability. I am particularly pleased with creating the Salus Populi cooperative because it allows completely ordinary and hard-working people to work on a great cause without dealing with a snob in an expensive car, as is the case with many operations on the capital financial markets.

Karol Csiffáry

In the Salus Populi cooperative, I feel the opportunity to use the dynamics of the whole team and, at the same time, keep all processes traceable so that projects are prepared in accordance with the interests of our cooperatives, also with regard to applicable legislation. For the last 20 years, I have worked in well-known companies providing consulting, auditing, and legal services. My cooperative work inspires me a lot for the unique opportunity to make the formal rules work with our cooperative vision. Freedom in decision-making, where large corporations' short-term interests do not bound me, fills me with the conviction that I am building a community of mature people who continue to work intensively to improve themselves and their surroundings.

Peter Dendis

I am a person who is looking for opportunities at their inception. It's because I see the potential for opportunity and I like to roll up my sleeves to help turn opportunity into reality. One of my big dreams is for people to be truly free in their work. Salus Populi is a team where I can openly share this goal and work on it. Real freedom in today's world occurs when one does not have to, but can. I am building an environment here that will provide such an opportunity to as many people as possible.

Martin Bittara

For a long time, I strive to deliver messages clearly to the end customer to evaluate at first glance whether the opportunity is suitable for him. The fantastic thing about Salus Populi is that we have combined such a historically well-known and straightforward concept with a highly sophisticated automated investment system. Since the work here is quite complex, anyone who is not a part of these processes daily would have a hard time understanding what is going on, sometimes I don't understand either, so I prefer to ask twice. My job is to ensure that we provide essential information in a comprehensible way in plain language.

Marian Puček

"I come to you to lead you" - with this motto, and I define my position and my work with people. In my career in adult education, I have encountered many products from many companies. I consider the offer to become a part of Salus Populi to be very important, and I was happy to accept it. The combination of a professional team with quality and transparent products focused on the client makes Salus Populi something missing in our financial market. It opens the wonderful financial world to the most ordinary people, and I will be happy to guide them through it.

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